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Your life is about to change. You are considering leaving a relationship, about to commit to one or have been served with legal documents. Who do you want on your side as you begin to navigate the legal system? As you move forward, you will come to understand that choosing an attorney to represent you is of paramount importance. Consider what characteristics are critical for you.

Eric J Rayman is a boutique law firm concentrating on matrimonial and family law issues. The firm is recognized for its tenacity, detailed preparation, accessibility, strategic planning and personalized attention. With a thorough understanding of the financial consequences of the decisions you make and with a compassionate approach as to how this will affect your loved ones, especially children, our firm is uniquely qualified to address all stages and phases of love and what it means legally.

All relationships have risks. If you or someone you care about is in a relationship he or she needs to understand its legal consequences. Divorce can be an exception to the rule that life rarely gives you a second (much less a third or fourth) chance. Applying this positive approach to solving relationship issues, whether by settlement or litigation, he has creatively counseled clients from diverse professions and industries as to how best to negotiate and/or litigate the issues requiring resolution.

Spousal Support

Temporary/Interim Spousal Support

On October 13, 2010, when New York’s no fault law was implemented, the State also created a new complicated formula for determining the amount of temporary spousal maintenance or pendente lite relief” that is to be paid by the higher income spouse to the lower income spouse while a divorce case is pending.

Five years later, on October 25, 2015, the temporary support formula was revised significantly. There are two variations to the calculation of temporary spousal support depending upon whether there are children of the marriage and which party is the custodial parent.

“Income” available for spousal support is broadly defined to include earnings reported on the most recently filed federal income tax return as well as employment perquisites. A court can impute income to a party if it believes that someone has reduced his or her income by choice, is not forthright about his or her finances or if a party regularly receives gifts and services from friends and/or relatives. A court does have the discretion to vary temporary spousal support from the formula if it finds that the Guideline amount of temporary maintenance is unjust or inappropriate. If so, the court must set forth in a written decision or a decision set forth on the record, the Guideline amount of temporary spousal support, the factors the court considered and the reasons that the court adjusted the Guideline amount. This requirement cannot be waived by the parties or their counsel. We can help you present these factors in the most advantageous way.

Post-Divorce Spousal Support

A court can award post-divorce maintenance. In determining the amount and duration of post-divorce maintenance, it must consider, among other things, the income and property of the parties, including property awarded in the divorce, the length of the marriage, the presence of children of the marriage in the home, and the ability of the former spouse to become self-supporting and the time and training necessary to do so, as well as the consequences of anticipated retirement of either party in the duration and amount of an award of post-divorce maintenance.

Modifying Spousal Support

Upon an application by either party, a court may annul or modify any prior order or judgment as to maintenance, upon a showing of the recipient’s inability to be self-supporting or a substantial change in circumstances or termination of child support.

Enforcing Spousal Support

If a party is not receiving support he or she is entitled to receive, the agreement or order can be enforced by filing either a motion or a petition which would require the defaulting party to respond. A Court then could decide spousal support is not owed or what amount is owed, enter a money judgment against the payor or even order the payor to be in contempt of court and place the payor in jail for as long as six months. Courts do not take spousal support obligations lightly. If you need assistance, we can help.

Parentage Actions

We represent both men and women in all aspects of parentage actions. We help fathers and mothers establish themselves as legal parents of their minor children. We have experience in handling both sides of cases involving a dispute regarding the identity of a child’s legal parent. We represent parents trying to establish the identity of the other legal parent, and we defend against wrongful attempts to have a person deemed responsible for a child who is not his own. We also handle the issues of custody and child support in cases where parentage has already been established.

Employment Attorney Fort Lauderdale
Employment Attorney Fort Lauderdale


Our team represents grandparents, other family members, and unrelated individuals who are seeking guardianship of children who are not safe in their parents’ care. We also represent parents in such cases to ensure their rights are fully protected and to defend against inappropriate guardianship attempts.


Our family law professionals represent parents in all aspects of independent, step-parent and registered domestic partner adoption proceedings.

Employment Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Domestic Violence

We represent both litigants who seek orders to protect themselves and their children from domestic violence, and those who seek to defend such orders. Domestic violence orders can also include orders for temporary custody, visitation, and support in the context of both marital and non-marital relationships.

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