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We offer a full range of services relating to dissolutions of marriage and domestic partnerships. Our attorneys have extensive expertise in handling all aspects of family law including child custody and visitation, asset/debt division, child support, spousal/partner support, and nullity proceedings. We set ourselves apart from firms that offer only basic family law services by providing high level expertise in marital/partner dissolutions where significant financial assets are at stake and the issues are highly complex. Such a dissolution might involve, for example, large real estate holdings, family businesses, foreign citizenship, foreign assets, significant stock and option holdings, venture capital investment, and/or taxation issues. Our firm handles these cases from the commencement of the proceedings through the final judgment, as well as post judgment issues such as custody and support modifications.


If you are thinking about ending a marriage or concerned that your spouse may be considering divorce, it is essential that you understand your rights and responsibilities under all circumstances. For the first time in history “until death us do part” is less likely for Americans 50 or older, as more than half are getting divorced rather than becoming widowed.

Demystifying the process of divorce is the first step to having a successful resolution. All divorces are either uncontested or contested. The only difference is when there is an uncontested divorce both spouses have agreed about each and every aspect of the financial and custodial issues between them as well as the granting of a divorce to one of them. All other divorces are considered contested.

Employment Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Florida is a no fault divorce state. That means if one party alleges that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for six months or more, he or she can obtain a divorce without the other party’s consent. While marital fault is not at issue, economic fault can still be a factor if a spouse’s actions deplete the marital estate.

A divorce action is started with the filing of a petition for divorce. Whoever files both parties are prohibiting from selling or doing anything to lessen the value of property or assuming any debt out of the ordinary, except for reasonable attorneys’ fees during the course of the divorce action. Many parties are able to resolve the various issues of property division, spousal support, child support and custody without the court’s assistance.

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