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We are committed to establishing relationships with clients based on trust, knowledge and ability. Every client is unique and getting to know the complexities of each situation is part of our passion. We are solutions-driven, focused on delivering effective results. For almost two decades we have represented companies and entrepreneurs, big and small, always with the same goal ... exceed expectations. We are dedicated to client service, responsiveness and excellence in practice. If that type of service interests you, we may have found each other for a reason.
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Business and Contract Law

From acquisitions, to employment agreements, to handling vendor disputes, Law Help Florida has your back every step of the way. We do not use the billable hour to measure our success. We promote alternative fee structures to create predictability and align incentives.
Attorney for Child Support Fort Lauderdale

Family Law

Ending a relationship is never easy. Whether you have questions over the division of assets, concerns over support or have uncertain as to how timesharing best works, Law Help Florida has the answers to guide you through. Call us today to set up a free, confidential conversation.
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Estate and Trust Planning

We are here to advise you on best practices to safeguard your family business and create a succession plan that fits your family dynamics. From how to delegate control to determining tax efficiencies, Law Help Florida has you covered.

In-House Counsel

for Entrepreneurs

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You’ve got a great idea, but are not sure where to begin. You are not alone. Law Help Florida has the tools to help guide you on the way and provide you the right foundation to start you on your journey.


You’ve planted the seeds and natured and fed your business. With all that hard work, your little beanstalk is ready to compete with the giants. We got this! Partner with Law Help Florida to add the right talent, draft the right contracts, and secure the funding needed to boost the bottom line.


You’ve built a business ready to be sold. How amazing! You get one shot to get the sale right. Law Help Florida has travelled this road and understands the time, energy and expertise needed to maximize that outcome. Let’s figure out how to get the biggest benefit out of your hard work.

Law Help Florida isn’t looking for one-night stands.We partner with businesses and entrepreneurs for the long haul.

We invest the time and energy upfront so that when the honeymoon is over, you know we understand your professional needs. If you’re interested in starting a relationship, give us a call to schedule a free and confidential business assessment.

Your business assessment allows us (and you) to understand where your business is now, where it’s headed, and what obstacles may lie on the road ahead that could prevent you from reaching your destination. We’ll invest time to walk through the details with you. Then we’ll develop a custom plan that addresses the legal, financial, tax and insurance affairs of your business. Knowing that the tedious stuff is handled, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on creating and doing what you love.
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Attorney for Child Support Fort Lauderdale
Don’t let our size fool you. If you’re a business owner who finds yourself against the ropes, Law Help Florida will answer the bell and come out fighting for you.
You deserve the same top-tier legal service afforded to mega companies. With Law Help Florida's predictable flat fees and customs plans we are committed to finding a way to work together.
If you’re a startup, entrepreneur or creative, Law Help Florida will help you form the right entity, draft the right agreements, and choose the right team to move your business forward.
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Attorney for Wrongful Termination Fort Lauderdale
Attorney for Wrongful Termination Fort Lauderdale

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