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Eric J Rayman is a full service law firm committed to establishing relationships with clients based on trust, knowledge and ability. Every client is unique and every situation is different. However, we are driven to custom-tailored strategies designed to produce efficient and effective results. For over a decade we have represented public and private entities including boards, regional corporations, government entities, and entrepreneurs. Our clients demand and we deliver excellence and value.
Attorney for Child Support Fort Lauderdale

Business Entities & Start Ups

We place a particular emphasis on business acquisition and divestiture, closely-held businesses, financial services, lending, and the protection of intellectual property rights
Attorney for Child Support Fort Lauderdale

Family Law

All relationships have risks. If you or someone you care about is in a relationship he or she needs to understand its legal consequences
Attorney for Wrongful Termination Fort Lauderdale

Estate Planning

We can help you develop goals for passing on the family business and create a business succession plan.

Counsel Services

for Entrepreneurs

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You’re strapped into the cockpit at T-9 and counting. Canaveral has started the ground launch sequence, and all engines are ready for liftoff. LHF will help you launch your business into orbit


You’ve tilled the soil, planted the seeds, watered and fed your business. Now it seems as though it grew overnight, like Jack’s beanstalk. If you want to compete with the giants at the top, LHF can help you overcome the legal challenges that come with growth, including hiring, negotiating leases, mitigating risk, and negotiating contracts.


You’ve put in your time sowing the fields, and now you’re ready to reap what you sowed. LHF will help you poise your business for optimal success and maximum value. We’ll work with you to ensure that when it’s time to sell the farm, you get the best price.

LHF isn’t looking for one-night stands.We partner with creatives and entrepreneurs for the long haul.

We invest time in you upfront so that when the honeymoon is over, you’ll know we get you and have your back. If you’re interested in a relationship with LHF, give us a call and ask to schedule a business assessment.

Your business assessment allows us (and you) to understand where your business is now, where it’s headed, and what obstacles may lie on the road ahead that could prevent you from reaching your destination. We’ll invest time to walk through the details with you. Then we’ll develop a custom plan that addresses the legal, financial, tax and insurance affairs of your business. Knowing that the tedious stuff is handled, you’ll have more time, money, and energy to focus on creating and doing what you love.
Contact us TODAY to schedule your Business Assessment!“
If you aren’t quite sure that you are ready to take the plunge, please give us a call or shoot us an email and we can set up a quick, confidential consultation.

Attorney for Child Support Fort Lauderdale
Don’t let our size fool you. If you’re a business owner or creative who finds yourself against the ropes, LHF knows all the moves and will fight for you.
You deserve the same top-tier legal service afforded to mega companies. With LHF predictable flat fees and creative counsel plans, you can have a lawyer on your team without a bill that drives you nuts.
If you’re a startup, entrepreneur or creative, LHF will help you form the right entity, draft the right agreements, and choose the right team to take your business into orbit.
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Debt Relief Lawyer Fort Lauderdale
Attorney for Wrongful Termination Fort Lauderdale
Attorney for Wrongful Termination Fort Lauderdale

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